Tao Experiences (Jaipur) and Tao's Lakhmana Desert Camp (Jaisalmer) are a popular destination for day outings and camping excursions. We have adapted our entire infrastructure and activities to support the corporate outings, conferences and meet & greet events to maximise the value of our concept and make it more relevant for our corporate patrons.

With over 25 different activities at each of our properties, corporate meetings can become more fun while achieving their goals of inducing better communication, team building and co-working skills in a safe and exciting new way.

Some of our exclusive offerings to corporates are outdoor screening with conferencing facilities, paintball for communication and quad bike safaris into jungles and dunes with a format for team building. All our activities can be further fine tuned to meet corporate agendas and our trained staff can help achieve specific goals.

Look at our presentation for more details, or directly get in touch with us on 93143 345345 for more information.