Experience The Indian Outback Adventure at Tao Experiences, Jaipur

Dune Quad Bunker Tao Experience Jaipur 3

Quad Bike Rides

A true quad bike experience on the scenic countryside that guarantees an adrenaline rush. Teenagers to experienced adults can take the bikes for a spin. A memorable experience that offers something for everyone. 

Paintball Bunker Tao Experience Jaipur

Paintball Arena

Duck and cover in our themed fields. The paintball park comprises of action-packed outdoor paintball fields with terrain varying from dense jungle fields to movie set-esque paintball forts and bunkers that emulate the fantasy of being in a paintball video-game.

Zorbing Bunker Tao Experience Jaipur 1


Ludicrously fun zorbing - you climb into a giant inflatable balloon, get strapped into a harness, then pushed around a twisty track. Roll around, bump up and down, and splash around in the water inside the zorbing ball - one of the most popular activities at Tao Experience!



Get off the ground and fly through the Indian outbacks for a new perspective on our natural environment and adventure. Tao Experience, Jaipur, assure the best in equipment, guides, safety and experience. 

Archery Bunker Tao Experience Jaipur


Archery is a great way to learn a new skill and have some fun. Raise, aim and release the arrow off the bow and let it course it's way to the bull's-eye at our archery galleries. Learn proper shooting techniques at our outdoor venue.

Wall Climbing Bunker Tao Experience Jaipur

Rock Wall Climbing

Rock climbing at Tao Experience, Jaipur, is a great way to challenge your endurance. Climb through obstacles and reach for the top while you are safe on a harness.

Tao Experiences - Adventure Resort, Jaipur, is one of the finest resorts in Jaipur, offering an unparalleled adventure experience during your stay at our adventure resort in Jaipur.