The sand dunes of Jaisalmer are an inescapable experience whilst in Jaisalmer. Tao's Lakhmana Desert Camp offers many memorable experiences on its private strip of Lakhamana Sand Dunes. The experiences that are popular are conveniently packaged, but, nevertheless, customisation is our specialty. Feel free to contact us, and our curators will help you design the best possible event on the dunes.

breakfast on the dunes

A private breakfast on the dunes for your family and loved ones with the backdrop of the rising sun and the venue of pristine sand dunes in Sam, Jaisalmer.

Nocturnal Odyssey

An exhilerating way to experiences the unknown. A night safari in an open 4X4 jeep through the sand dunes, in the pitch of dark with just the star light from the endless sea of them.

The Village walk

The seemingly simplistic lifestyle of the locals of the Sam Sand Dunes is in itself an enlightening experience. Our local guide takes you through their village through a journey of their lives.