Themed Sit Down Dinners & Lunches

Sit-downs is the new norm for socialising and bonding. This personal and intimate get-together of friends and family requires the perfect mix of ambience, food and setting. At Tao Experiences, we are providing exquisite meals from popular chefs, table decor by Tablo Designs and Tao Experiences' pictureque location.

Romantic Dinners

Our romantic out-door themed dinner package with beautiful table layouts, live music and scrumtous dinner menus, is an amazing experience for couples celebrating their special occasions like anniversaries or their spouse's birthday.

Family & Friends Get Together

With the new social norms post the pandemic, meeting friends and planning dinners and get-togethers can be a tasking endevaour. At Tao Experiences, we have unique set-ups that will let you enjoy social get-togethers yet maintain social distancing norms.


Plan a sun-downer at Tao Experiences with live music, barbeque, music instruments and camping tents all coupled with a dinner and drinks package. The picturesque mountain backdrop and unimaginable photo ops with the setting sun creates wonderful memories with loved ones.

Birthday & Kitty Parties

Birthday parties are always fun, no matter what the age of the person, and so are kitty parties. Why not include an array of fun games, custom meals and adventure into your special day. At Tao Experiences, we have some specially priced packages and loads of activities so that you can celebrate your special day, stress free.

Birthday parties for children

Birthdays are the most awaited day for your child. They look forward to the treats, gifts and most importantly, the time they will get to spend with their friends. We have packages reasonably priced that include all the fun and games along with mini-meals that your child would love.

Birthday parties for adults

Adulting doesn't always need to be boring! At Tao Experiences, you can celebrate your birthday with as much excitment and as much fun as a 6 year old. All you have to do is bring in your friends and we will take care of all the rest. From your dinner to your mocktails.

Kitty Parties

Now plan kitty parties at Tao Experiences, our package includes traditional games like - musical chairs, kho-kho, tug-o-war and some other popular kitty party games along with meals, high tea and loads of adventure and activities that the are discounted for your guests.