Bespoke Desert Experiences

Private dinners & breakfasts with your family are always the best bonding experiences. We are offering bespoke set-ups to cater to your freinds and family holidays on our private dunes with live folk music and dance, barbeques and bonfires and exclusive service for you on our private dunes. The experience is unique and bound to leave an imprint on your memories with your travel companions.

Dinner on the Dunes

A private affair with you and your family, friends or loved ones. With bespoke traditional style seatings along with bon-fires, Barbeque and live folk music and dance in the middle of pristine private sand dunes, this experience is nothing short of mesmerising.

Breakfast on the dunes

Take in the soothing first-rays of the sun on sand dunes with a lavish custom menu with your family. It is a great way to start your day with you loved ones as well. The entire experience includes a camel ride to your exclusive set-up, and personal service for your meal.

Evening Safari with Picnic

Plan a sun-downer at Tao Experiences with live music, barbeque, music instruments and camping tents all coupled with a dinner and drinks package. The picturesque mountain backdrop and unimaginable photo ops with the setting sun creates wonderful memories with loved ones.

Dune Bashing

The Sam Sand Dunes are the main sand dunes of Rajasthan. They have enormous sand dunes that can rival any other in the world. Dune Bashing - also known as dune safaris is an adrenaline packed way of experiencing the beautiful curves of the desert, at most places in a 4X4 jeep, but at Tao Experiences on 4X4 Quad Bikes. We're the original and only company to provide this experience on Polaris vehicles.

Quad Bike Safaris

Experience the exhileration of self-riding 400+ CC Polaris® 4X4 Quad bikes on trails are filled with a sence of thrill, challenge and adventure, this coupled with the raw power of the vehicles is a must do at Tao's Lakhmana Desert Camp. The original Quad Bike Company in Jaisalmer.

Jeep Safaris

Driven by expert drivers that can navigate the dunes on with precision, the unexpected drops and turns make this an adventuruos ride of your life. Fit for all ages, and a must experience in Jaisalmer, this experience is the most preffered by our guests.

RZR Safaris

First and only experience in India on the dunes with the Polaris® 800CC RZR side-by-side ATV which is self-ridden by you along with an escort to give you an unprecedented experience of the Sam Sand Dunes. This powerful vehicle will get your adreneline rushing.

Weddings & Parties

Weddings and related events are meant to be unique and fun. at Tao's Lakhmana Desert Camp, your guests will go home with memories of a wedding that was different and unique. Our adventure and activities kepp your guests engaged while being in the loving care of our hospitality team. We have professionals that can design and organise any event that you are planning.

Sangeet Programs

Sangeet programs are about music, dance and festivities and are the most grandeous part of a wedding. We organise the program on our private dunes, with a stage, professional music and lighting, gazebos and sitting and can host upto 600 guests at a time.

High-Tea & Mehendi

Mehendi functions are usually for the entertainment of the guests. Our packages for the program incorporate a wide variety of activities like Quad Biking, Camel and Jeep Safaris, Archery, Zorbing and many more that keep your guest entertained.

Wedding Event

We organize unique wedding set-ups based on the theme of the desert and the flavour of the Rajasthani Royalty. Reasonable turn-ley packages that address all your needs from decoration, stay, hospitality and along with entertainment and adventure activities.